Friday, 27 April 2012

All Time Top 20 Videogames

Same as last time, this type of list is difficult. I've taken the nostalgic road with it. I've included the format I preferred/played each in brackets.

21. Alex The Kid in Miracle World (Master System I)

OK, I couldn't do the list with just 20 games. I can't think of a better place to start my list really, the Master System I was the first console I owned and Alex Kid was the first game I properly got into. I'd played videogames before this, but it was Alex Kid that got me hooked on gaming. This has a special place close to my heart.

20. Theme Hospital (PSX)

I lose hours on this game! I still have a bash on it every now and then, and it's still as addictive. My fave sim type strategy game ever.

19. Super Puzzle Fighter

This is my favourite of the puzzle-block type games, I think the combo system gives it an edge, plus it's 'Street Fighter' themed!

18. Plants Vs Zombies (iPhone)

As mobile device games go this is the best around in my opinion, I find it more addictive and way more strategic than most peoples favourite on-the-go game 'Angry Birds'. I want a sequel!

17. Fable (Xbox)

At the time the original Fable blew me away; The brilliant story and voice acting, the customisation, the massive open world, combat was good. I don't think they've come close to this with the sequels.

16. Gears of War (Xbox360)

The first 'next-gen' game on my list. Games have changed since the days I started playing them, gone have the blue skies, rainbows and cute characters. Replaced by grey terrains, darkness and shooting things in the face with a shotgun! Gears perfected the cover-based shooter mechanics and now they're common place in games. Great co-op gameplay and online modes, mixed with cutting edge (for console) graphics and some of the best voice acting, all make for one of the best games of recent years.

15. Streets of Rage 2 (Megadrive)

Megadrive vs Snes, they were the glory days of gaming right? I think this is my favourite game from that era, as a kid I would play through SOR2 over and over. I still like to have a go on this, usually on the move with my iPhone.

14. GoldenEye (N64)

At the time this changed FPS on consoles. Awesome 4 player modes, a nice assortment of weapons and gadgets and a cool campaign. It was most fun played with friends in deathmatch mode and the fact it was a good movie licensed game!

13. Shadow of the Colossus (PS2)

A beautiful, cinematic experience. Stunning graphics (back then), an amazing score to compliment the epic action, and actually original in its delivery of an adventure game. Basically a game full of awesome boss battles, and a true work of art.

12. Street fighter 2 (Arcade)

I'm not as fussed about SF as I once was, but it made a big enough impact on me as a kid that it holds a special place in my nostalgic mind. A game I can have a quick fix on these days, back then I put way too many coins into the arcade machine! I usually play as Ken, but my favourite character is E-Honda.

11. Final Fantasy 7 (PSX)

Just outside my top 10, another game that's got high on the list because of nostalgia. I spent so much time engrossed in its world, I actually have sentimental attachments to the characters (WTF!)

10. MarioKart (N64)

All versions of MarioKart are brilliant, I'll go with the N64 version cos it introduced me to the fun of a 4-player splitscreen race. Massive amounts of fun!

9. Pacman (Arcade/Xboxlive)

The original gaming mascot! This is still as addictive and fun to play as it was on its release. If you took away most of the next-gen games fancy graphics and sound, would they still be as much fun? Probably not. Pacman is pure gameplay. It's clearly one of the most influential games of all time, it even influenced the creation of my number one game! I also had Mr Pacman and Mrs Pacman on my wedding cake!

8. Left 4 Dead (Xbox360)

Valve reinvented the FPS and Zombie survival game with this one! And they remain leading pioneers of innovation (last years Portal 2!), Left 4 Dead is all about co-operative gameplay. Bring me L4D3!

7. Super Mario Bros (NES)

Videogame history! The original Super Mario game is the blueprint for an entire genre, all platform games have its basic components in place. And most of all it's still fun to play!

6. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (Xbox)

I've completed this game a couple of times, both times clocking over 30 hours of play. A Star Wars RPG by Bioware! Geek heaven.

5. Resident Evil 4 (Gamecube)

Your zombie survival game is getting a bit stale, what do you do Capcom? You ditch the ZOMBIES?!! NOOOOOOO...wait, RE4 didn't just do that, they also got rid of the dated static backgrounds, and replaced them with some of the best graphics seen in a gaming world at the time. They upped the level of tension, and gave us a great combat system that kept elements of the past games. Great boss fights too! Unlike a lot of the fanboys I'm a big fan of RE5 too, which keeps the gameplay mechanics and adds  awesome co-op.

4. Batman: Arkham Asylum (Xbox360)

Arkham Asylum is pretty much a perfect game; great atmosphere and graphics, cinematic sound and voice acting, awesome fighting system, stealth action that's not dull, cool gadgets, brilliant story, great boss fights...the only drawback is that it's a bit short. I wanted it to last forever!

3. Halo (xbox)

Another benchmark in console FPS, the first game I played that mixed a big game world with a first-person shooter. The controls are perfect as far as console based FPS go, great music, a nice array of weaponry and vehicles. And awesome level and character design. It got even better when they added online play on Halo 2, but this was a game changer.

2. Mass Effect 2 (Xbox360)

This games is as close to perfect as it gets. A big engrossing world, slick polished graphics and sound design, a truly awesome combat system and exploration and RPG elements that are fun. The first game was one of the best I've played, and this is better in every way. I liked ME3, but I preferred the story, missions and level design in this one. The last game didn't deserve the blasting it got for the ending though!

1. Metal Gear Sold 3 (PS2)

I'm a massive fan of the MGS series, since MGS on the PS1. It was hard to pick a favourite out of them, I love them all (except the portable 'Acid' games). I think this one went a long way to refresh the series, but keep the formula the same; with the change of scenery and time period and the new stealth-camouflage mechanics. I also think this one slightly edges it with the boss battles, they're always great in the Metal Gear series, but this had some stunning confrontations. The sniper battle with 'The End'! And the finale in the long grass! Snake? ...SNAKE?! ...SNNAAAAAAAAKE!!!!

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