Saturday, 23 October 2010

Sonic 4

Sonic has never really achieved the glory of his Megadrive days, it's been 16 years since Sonic and Knuckles and then we waved goodbye to the 2D sonic of old.

You can download 'Sonic 4: Episode 1' on xbox live arcade, Playstation Network and WiiWare, a direct sequel to the Megadrive sonic games. And it's a nostalgic, shiny tribute to the speedy blue fella, that all Sonic fans have been waiting for!

A fateful 2D presentation that captures the heart of the original games, but now with a shiny HD (3-D looking) coat. Sonics never looked better! Although it does get frustrating at times and some of the level design is a bit dodgy.

And all those extra lives thrown at you on the casino level pretty much force you to replay that same level. Still, worth checking out for nostalgic fans.

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