Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Pimp My Console

I wish my 360, PS3, Wii and all my other consoles could transform into Autobots with lazer-guns, and then combine to make some kind of mechaconsolezilla...

Ahem. Anyway, 'Console modding'; proof that no matter how cool, powerful, innovative and portable a manufacturer can make their latest console, a tech-geek will come along with a soldering iron and make it even better.

One of the most popular mods out there is to take a TV based console and make it into a handheld. Ever wanted to play Zelda 64 on the go? Here's a portable Nintendo 64;

This professional looking orange marvel is by John Grayson, it uses two Canon BP-915 camcorder batteries for about 3 hours of game time. A Sony PSone screen, complete with the N64 console motherboard. And it's kitted out with the rumble pack, memory card and SuperPad 64 Plus controller.

How about the 64's younger brother, the criminally underrated Gamecube?

This one is by modder 'Hailrazer', who does commissions at a price.

But why make a home console into a portable? Isn't a DS or a PSP good enough? The Sony PSP is just a portable PS2 after all, right? WRONG! This is;

The PalmPS2 By Brian Gardiner. Packing a 5" LCD screen, a built-in DVD drive, a single memory card slot, and stereo speakers. Imagine playing Shadow of the Colossus on the go!

Sega didn't quite make it in the handheld market with the GameGear, but what would happen if you turned the most underrated console of all time into a portable gaming device? Well, this;

Featuring a custom designed case, 5" LCD display, and a built-in 16MB memory card. The portable Dreamcast is powered by two rechargeable batteries, for up to 1 1/2 hours of gaming. I'm not sure about the control positioning, but it looks pretty damn slick. And C'mon! Shenmue and Chu Chu Rocket on the move!

If all of these just aren't retro enough for your portable gaming needs what about these;

The Nestari is by the console mod master 'Ben Heck', combining the NES system and an Atari 2600 console into one polished, wood-finish package.

More wood? Check out this SNES handheld, it's a bit special;

Sometimes console modding can create freaks of technology that should never occur...

The Frankenstein's monster of console modding, a MegaDrive/NES monstrosity!

You know what would make your beloved home console that little bit cooler, a nice Star Wars mod;

Now we're talking serious geeky business, the Millennium Falcon Xbox!

Gamecube AT AT, it's the perfect fit! Anyone for a spot of Rogue Squadron?

N64 Tie Fighter. Old Star Wars toy + console the modder got at a yard sale for $1 = Awesome. It just needs a nice paint job.

And the Pièce de résistance...Drum roll...

HOLY SHIT! R2-D2 comes with a Xbox, Dreamcast, Nintendo 64, Atari 2600, Megadrive, NES, SNES and a PlayStation. He's also got a built-in sound system and projector!


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